Why Use WordPress: 17 Reasons To Decide Now (2018 Update)

WordPress is the top Content Management System(CMS) which was launched back in 2003. WordPress has over 58.33% share of CMS all over the Marketplace and is currently active on more than 75 million websites.

But these numbers don’t yet justify that you must also be using WordPress, right?

Who knows, all those using WordPress including me must be crazy, right? And why should you even trust those numbers? Well, if you are still thinking in that zone than keep reading I’ll clear all your doubts related to WordPress CMS today.

In this article, I will show you why you should use WordPress and why it is the best CMS available out there in the market without any doubt period.

Let’s find out together.

17 Reasons Why You Should Be Using WordPress At First Place

1). WordPress is FREE

If you are thinking “Do I have to pay to use WordPress or is WordPress Free to use?”. My friend, you don’t need to pay a single buck. In fact, WordPress is a free open source tool which can be used by anyone and can be customized according to their own needs.

All you need to do to run a WordPress website is buy a domain name from Godaddy.com or Bigrock, next buy a hosting and bam your website is ready!

Nowadays, Hosting come with a FREE one-click WordPress installation method.

Wordpress in Free

If you are thinking why is WordPress not paid? And why don’t they sell it as a full software package?

That’s because WordPress is an open source project and anyone can contribute to it. It’s not controlled by any private company but maintained by the talented WordPress community.

2). WordPress is Used By 42% Of All Websites

Yes, that number is correct and huge. To your surprise, many big companies like TechCrunch, Sony Music, Time Inc, The New Yorker, etc. use WordPress. This itself is a clear proof how big and trustworthy the platform is.

It means more than one out of every four website hosts on WordPress. That’s quite astounding, isn’t it?

Wordpress is used by 42% website

3). WordPress is Extendable Using Themes and Plugins

With more than 2600+ Themes and 50000+ Plugins, WordPress has a vast library of freebies.

You don’t need to hire a dedicated developer to develop your website. Just plug and play with few free themes, and you will naturally create a fantastic looking website at the cost of nothing.

If you are looking for some paid options than you can use Themeforest, HappyThemes and Studiopress Themes. They come at a very cheap price which anyone can afford easily.

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4). WordPress is SEO Friendly

With the recent Google updates rolling very fast it’s now a mandatory to have an SEO optimized website. Imagine you have a custom built site which is not hosted by any CMS. How difficult would it be to manage SEO for it?

But, if you are using WordPress you don’t need to worry about SEO anymore because WP is already coded in an SEO friendly way.

Wordpress is SEO Friendly

In fact, this is an official statement by a Google Engineer: “WordPress automatically solves a ton of SEO issues.

With dedicated plugins related to SEO like Yoast and All in one SEO, you can skyrocket your On-Page SEO within WordPress itself. It’s that easy.

5). WordPress Can Handle Different Media Types

You name it, and it’s supported by WordPress. Be it Images, GIFs, Video Content. It’s never limited to writing just the raw text which feels boring.

Multimedia content

WP supports oEmbed websites which means you can embed videos, Instagram photos, and Twitter tweets. By pasting direct HTML code, you can see the multimedia in action just in a couple of seconds.

6). WordPress Gives You Full Control Of Your Website

As WordPress is an open source project, the same goes for individual sites. With WP you can edit and customize the layout of your website according to your liking.

You can straight away edit the HTML code and build a website which you or your client loves. However, it does require some extra money to hire a WordPress developer who can do the job for you but all in all it gives you all-around control of your websites.

From HTML to CSS and PHP you can edit anything in WordPress and make your dream website today.

7). WordPress Community is Powerful

With millions of users using WordPress daily it naturally builds a strong community around. All the members of the WordPress Community have one single goal, and that is to make the platform better.

Wordpress Community

You can connect with people on the official WordPress Forum and can discuss your doubts and Ideas with the world. Or if you want to see users like you who are using WordPress then you can attend WordCamp events around the world.

8). WordPress is Safe and Secure

WordPress was built keeping security as their prime feature. It can prevent your website from basic threats.

However, if you are operating on a big business or running a blog then I recommend installing a dedicated security plugin on your site.

Wordpress is safe and secure

There are many Free plugins available in the WordPress plugin directory. However, if you are really serious about your security than I recommend buying a licensed security plugin.

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9). WordPress is Multilingual

If you don’t know English or you are from a country where no one speaks English. Don’t worry WordPress team got you covered.

Because WordPress comes with a support for 169 languages.

To your surprise, there are plugins which offer multilingual language support, and with it, you can easily create a site supporting various languages.

Now that’s pretty cool. Isn’t it?

10). WordPress is Mobile Friendly

Google has officially declared that they are taking Mobile first index to rank websites in 2016. That’s a shocking news.

But wait, only for those who are not using WordPress. Because WP comes with a pre-built Mobile friendly support which helps you optimize your website automatically for Mobile first index.

You are getting hell lot of things for FREE. Guys this is awesome!

11). Easy Third Party Integrations

With over 50000+ plugins both free and premium, you can make your website the best both in terms of functionalities and looks.

Although, WordPress comes with a lot of inbuilt features which is more than enough for a regular user. However, if you are an advanced user and want to customize more things through your WordPress Dashboard than you can use the 3rd party integration plugins which will help increase the overall functionalities of your site.

For example, if you are planning to build an e-commerce store then you can directly install WooCommerce plugin. Similarly, you can use a plugin to send out email campaigns, have a contact form. Install some 3rd party code like Google Adsense or Facebook Pixel code via the plugins without disturbing the code.

For all your problems there is a plugin available in the WordPress directory.

12). Designed For Beginners

Now, this is the most common questions which I always witness people are searching for while deciding between WordPress and other CMS platforms.

Will I be able to learn WordPress?

My answer is a big YES. Anyone in the world who knows how to operate a computer system can easily learn WordPress in a short period of time.

WordPress is super easy to use for beginners.

The platform was designed keeping a layman in mind. You don’t need to be a designer or a developer.

Just start using WordPress, and everything will fall into place.

13). Multi-user Capability

In WordPress, you can assign various roles if you have a big team for your website.

There are several roles available for a site they are as follows:

  • Admin – Has full access to all the website features.
  • Editor – Can publish their posts and approve or remove posts from other users.
  • Author – Can publish and manage their own posts.
  • Subscriber – Can view and edit their profile. (Default Role)
  • Contributor – Can write their posts but are dependent on the admin to approve it.

So as you can see there are so many options available and you can assign them according to your own needs.

A new role will have their own separate profile which won’t merge with the main Admin profile. Everything is well managed here.

14). Regular Updates To Make the Platform Better

WordPress is known for its frequent updates. They are trying to make it the best CMS platform out there available in the market for Free.

As more and more business websites and blogs are being deployed on WordPress daily, we can expect future updates like more optimized SEO features, extended dashboard functionality, new advanced plugins and themes in the library, and the most important security updates.

15). More Than Just A Blog

WordPress has evolved and it’s no more just a blogging platform. With WordPress, you can now create business websites, e-commerce stores and even membership websites.

More than just a blog

WP has a wide range of membership and e-commerce plugins, it’s easy to create your own e-commerce store or a membership site.

With WordPress you can create the following:

  • A photography website like Flickr
  • A membership site like Udemy
  • A news website like TechCrunch or The New Yorker
  • E-commerce stores like Amazon, or eBay
  • An advertisement site like Quickr
  • A Q&A sites like Yahoo Answers or Quora

16). Schedule Posts With WordPress

Many a time you are not able to publish the post when you want it to because maybe you are hanging out with your friends or attending an important meeting.

No more hassle, with WordPress, you can easily schedule all your posts all at one time and can go for a long vacation.

With a one-click schedule button, it becomes simple for you to maintain a consistency in posting both for you and your readers.

17). Universal Dashboard

WordPress has a common dashboard all over the websites be it a blog, a business website or an e-commerce store.

With this feature, its get easy for anyone to handle any third party website. 

Over To You

Now that you know why you should use WordPress for your business/blog and why WordPress is the best CMS Available in the market.

What are you waiting for?

It’s the best time to take your final decision and deploy your business to WordPress CMS today.

If you are not yet convinced of all the above-mentioned features of WP, then you can try WordPress once on your own.

If you have any questions regarding WordPress CMS, do leave a comment below and I will be happy to help you out.

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  1. The main reason why I choose WordPress because it is easy to setup, manage, and update. I myself not a programmer but I can update my website anytime. Plus the interface is so easy , writing and editing is so easy with WYSIWYG interface. Good share by the way

  2. Really wordpres is very easy to use and customize…I can add serious plugin to customize my website through wordpres…
    In my recommendation all have to use wordpres.

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