Ubersuggest: A Free SEO Keyword Suggestion Tool

We all love ranking our website in the top results of Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). But we are not able to achieve that and unfortunately, we also don’t know the reason why are we not ranking. The reason behind this is lack of proper keyword research. But today after reading this post you won’t regret again because I am sharing a tool call Ubersuggest – A FREE Keyword Suggestion Tool.


Before I start I have a few things to share from my experience. So, when I started blogging I loved writing articles. I was just writing and writing whole day long without worrying about what impact it will have on SERPs.

However, I soon realized that previously what I was doing was wrong. So, I started researching about what all I need to do to rank on Google and then after a lot of research I got to know that I need to target some specific set of keywords and put them strategically into my page to rank.

Don’t worry you are far more ahead of me because you are reading this post and you already know what keyword research is and why you need a Keyword suggestion tool. Which I was unaware of when I started.

So coming back, I started looking for a Keyword Research Tool which can help me solve my pain points and what I got on the web was a list of paid tools costing $100/month.

I was so disappointed thinking why no one creates a FREE tool for a beginner level Blogger like me. Being a rookie blogger what I search on Google is FREE tools because I don’t have a fat pocket on my jeans loaded with hard cash. Until I found out this amazing tool.

I know you are also struggling with your keyword research journey and finding it really difficult to rank high in Google. I know this because I was also struggling but you don’t have to make the same mistakes which I did in my initial stage of blogging journey.

What you need to do is follow this simple steps which I am about to show you to make your keyword research strong and keep a class apart from your competitors.

So let’s get started with Ubersuggest. A free keyword generator tool.

How To Use Ubesuggest a Step By Step Tutorial

Ubersuggest: Easiest Keyword Suggestion Tool

I know SEO is boring and each one of us wants to rank on Google as quickly as possible. But let me be clear if you are treating blogging as your business and not just a hobby then you have to choose the hard path.

Yes, you need to do keyword research, build backlinks, have to do on page optimization.

Now, instead of getting into the trap of doing deep keyword research if you are just starting out what you can do is grab some keywords related to your niche. Write awesome content revolving around those keywords and you’ll rank in no time. This is where this tool comes into the picture.

The FREE tool was made by Alessandro (an Italian SEO guy) to help all the beginner bloggers. If you love the tool give that guy a blessing. 😀

How to use UberSuggest Keyword Tool?

Go to the website and enter your keyword in the search query and click on “Suggest.”


Next, what you can do is select the various options available for search type and languages.

You can search for Web, Images, Youtube, News, and Shopping.


The results will be shown for your search query in the “Keywords Found” section. You can see the monthly volume search for your keywords and can also check the CPC and competition for every keyword.

Now the interesting part is by clicking on the left-hand side of the keyword on the dropdown you can expand the keyword. This expanded keyword will give you more suggestions related to your primary keyword.

Ubersuggest keyword

This will help you find out your long tail keywords and even LSI Keywords so you don’t need to use any professional tools like Long Tail Pro.

ubersuggest keyword tool

What is Word Cloud?
Word Cloud is an easy way to visualize the most common terms associated with your query.

Ubersuggest keyword

Google Trends Data

Why go to Google Trends website when you can directly check the live Google data from the tool itself. Click on the drop-down menu on the left of the keyword and click on Google Trends.

free keyword generator

Download all Keywords

how to use ubersuggest keyword tool

Everyone wants to keep their research safe in some form or the other and Ubersuggest understands this problem and gave a Download button to download all your keywords to review and use them later.

You can also select particular keywords and download them separately if you are not interested in downloading the whole list.

Ubersuggest review

What benefit you’ll get from this tool?

  • FREE Keyword Research (Most Important)
  • Check Monthly volume for each keyword (This will help you pick your keywords related to your niche)
  • Download all the keywords (This will help you keep your research with you)
  • Get Long Tail Keywords (It will help you rank high in a short period of time)

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 Wrap Up

This tool is good to start with if you don’t have money to spend on professional tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs. It will give you a good chunk of data to play with.

There are other free alternatives to Ubersuggest like Keywordtool.io but that tool doesn’t show monthly search volumes. So in comparison to that this tool is good.

Let me know your results after using this tool and I’d love to hear from you. If you have any doubts feel free to comment below.

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