Top 10 Blogging Tips That Will Survive in 2019

Great blogging tips always show the right path. Blogging tips are helpful for everyone especially for the newbie; if anybody is new in blogging field, then he/she needs valuable suggestion from the professionals. We always look for great tips to make killer strategies for our work to get more success and this post all about top 10 blogging tips that will survive in 2019.  

Blogging is a huge topic, and here everything changes very fast. So, there is always something new to learn. Here, I have written some informative tips about blogging that will surely help you a lot. There are many blogs available in the blogosphere that provide best blogging tips.

Blogging can be a joke if done the wrong way.

Here, are quick and effective blogging tips for all-time – Understand your audience – Get ideas from your audience – Love your existing readers – Write for yourself first –  Give away your knowledge – Be true to your work – Be Consistent –  Write fresh and quality content – Write Catchy Headlines – Build your email list – Focus on SEO.

Top 10 Blogging Tips

Let’s see it in action:

1) Focus on Headlines

8/10 people read your headlines first before actually clicking on the blog to read it. Which means that you need to write nail biting headlines that your readers would love to read.

The best tip I can give you here is don’t settle after writing one headline. Instead, open a notepad and write at least ten headlines for a single blog post. Now select the one which looks the most exciting and engaging. You can also match words from other headlines and make the perfect headlines.

Here are a couple of great headline examples:

  • A Data-Driven Guide to Creating Viral Content (Backlinko)
  • Fat Shaming vs Body Acceptance: Is it okay to be fat? (Nerd Fitness)
  • How I Paid off $46,500 of Student Loans in 2 years (Budgets are Sexy)

Notice a pattern?

See how they are creating a curiosity factor in you to click on that blog post and read.

The moment you click on that blog post you’ll continue to read it further. Reason being, you’re curious to find the answer.


Writing engaging headlines is a skill. In fact, you won’t believe but companies are hiring creative people to write killer headlines for their websites.

writing headlines job

It will take time to master but with constant practice and creativity you can make it.

2) Be A Problem Solver

Your content has the power that can easily solve the perception and confusion of your readers on a particular topic.  If your reader is facing any problem, then your content words can solve their problems. That’s why you should know your audience and their requirements.

“Content is still king” and it truly is. Always try to focus on quality over quantity and don’t copy any content because no one likes to read copied content.

3) Make Strong Presence on Social Media Platforms

At the time of promotion of content, nothing is better than social media. Social media is a very powerful tool to promote content and get the massive amount of traffic.  Always target social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+, Youtube and Instagram.

Social Media Platforms

Keep in mind it is not easy to get traffic and social share from social media until you will not interact with folks in social media in your niche and make the valuable and strong relationship with them. Social media also helps in improving site ranking.

4) Build An Email List

Building Email list is also an important part of blogging. If you are not building an email list, then you are making a big mistake. Writing compelling blog post is not enough until it has the maximum number of readers.  What happens if nobody will be aware of your blog or nobody read it, so add a perfect touch of Email marketing to your business or blogs.

Email List

Let’s check the advantages of Email Marketing:

With the help of email, you can directly send the latest update of your blog to your email subscriber.

Email doubles the chance to click on your links than someone who followed you on social media or liked your page.

To grab the email of visitors, you can set up lead magnet tools to your blog. A lead magnet is a tool where you convince your visitors to give their contact information like emails.

The main work of lead magnet is to build the number of the subscriber to your blog by providing services like a tutorial, ebooks, software trial and training, resources, planner, PDF version and much more.

Set up autoresponder tools like Aweber, MailChimp, and iContact.   

5) Create Infographic, Video, and Podcast Content

In this modern world, video, podcast, and infographic leave a solid impact on the brain of visitors if they find it relevant according to their needs. Infographics are eye catchy and make your work more visible, and it speaks your word, imagination, and thoughts. Visuals contents are more powerful and are more able in grabbing huge attention compare to text contents. Thus, if you were not using infographics, video, and podcast before, then you must add these elements to your blog this year. These elements help you in connecting better with your visitors and no doubt it is the little bit more personal than few bunches of texts.   

6) Focus on SEO

Search Engine Optimization is most important part of any blog, online website or businesses. It is one of the best processes to get traffic to your site and makes your blog visible in the search engines. There are many awesome benefits of SEO includes it increases traffic, set-up in branding, higher ROI, cost-effective marketing, increases product sales, cross-browser compatibility, voguish online visibility, increases page rank, improves Alexa ranking and examines your success.

There are lots of things to do in SEO. SEO has changed so much in the recent years, but relevancy is still a major ranking factor. For example, if your location of business if UK then having a UK street address will make a big difference in SEO. Here, are some effective SEO tactics.

Let’s check this out:

  • Choose a better keyword for your blog
  • Write useful, quality and fresh content
  • Remove unnecessary plugins to make your website fast 
  • Make good URL structure
  • Add inbound and outbound links
  • Optimize images on your blog
  • Write compelling meta description
  • Use proper H1, H2, H3 and H4 tags
  • Target Long Tail Keywords

7) Be Consistent

Always be active on your blog and make the posting like your habit to make the good area in the heart of followers. Doing this on a regular basis gives you more attention from your followers and more TRP which gain the engagement of your customers for your blogs. So, always try to post 2-3 articles once in a week to make it visible and increase your presence in the search engines.

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8) Design Your Blog Reader Friendly

A well-designed blog is an important part of blogging. Your blog should have a clean, attractive design with proper navigation. It should be in that way readers can easily find anything of their choice. A compelling blog helps people stick to your blog more. No one likes to stare at a web page with irritating colors or flashy effects and no one like to wait for a webpage that takes extra minutes to open.

Design blog

Points to keep in mind:

  • Hire website developers and build a unique and custom theme for your blog.
  • You can buy a professional theme for your blog.
  • Contact logo designer to design a professional logo for your blog.
  • Choose a theme according to your niche.

9) Network With Big Bloggers in Your Niche 

We always look for great suggestions and tips, if you have the skill of engaging with the top professional in your industry, the chances are higher of getting the valuable suggestion from the professionals. It seems to be easy, but it isn’t. Why professionals will notice you or even respond to you, you have to go with different strategies to connect with them.

Making lists, creating roundups, interviews, and doing other related stuff will help you in engaging with the professional and getting valuable suggestions.

I have kept the best for the last, but for that, you need to unlock it. It’s the best tips you can get in 2019!

10) Maintain A Blogging Calendar

Blogging Calendar

If you haven’t heard about blogging calendar earlier let me explain it a little. A blogging calendar is a blueprint of the planned tasks you are going to finish this week or month. Here are some benefits of blogging calendar – It keeps you organized – It helps you in completing the task by given deadline. So, make efforts to be a great planner this year.

Before making blogging calendar, you have to keep these in mind:

  • Design your blogging schedule
  • Target your readers
  • Think of various blog post Ideas
  • Mark all the special days and events
  • Note down your categories

Over To You:

So, these are the blogging tips that will survive in 2019. Are you ready for 2019? Sometimes we don’t get expected success, and this same can happen to your blogging career. It’s hard to start again after failure thus if you haven’t achieved great success previous years it doesn’t mean you can’t do it in 2019. But, I know you’ll make it. All the best!

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