Promorepublic Review: READ This Before Buying the Tool

We all know that Social Media is the dominant marketing factor in the business now. You can’t survive in this noisy world of the Internet if you don’t take social media seriously. 11,000 new businesses are being opened every hour worldwide. That’s a huge number.

Do you think? You will even have at least 0.0001% presence in the world of the Internet if you are just starting out?

The bitter truth is NO.


What if, I say you can?

Shocked? But the answer is…

Yes, you can, but how? With Social Media. I have seen a lot of new startup owners and bloggers who start their social media marketing very enthusiastically. In the initial days, they post 3 pictures on Instagram, 10 tweets on Twitter and 1 pin on Pinterest daily. But, after a few days of posting their momentum almost drops to half and after few more days, you won’t see any post from that blogger again.

Am I correct? The same happens to you as well? Read this until the end, and I’ll solve this serious problem of yours.

Believe it or not, handling Social Media is not a cup of cake, and it requires dedication and a lot of work. Not everyone out there can make this possible. You need to be consistent in your postings, post engaging content, and that to do it on daily basis.

Seems a lot of work right? It is.

But… What if I say there’s a tool which can take your Social Media Marketing on autopilot?

Yes, that’s possible. You just need to create simple images and schedule them, and everything else will be taken care of on its own.


Presenting PromoRepublic – Best Social Media Marketing Tool.

Let’s dive right in and see the power of this amazing tool.

Promorepublic Website

What is Promorepublic?

First things first, let’s understand what this tool is all about. Promorepublic is a Social Media Marketing tool, which helps in creating beautiful images, scheduling images, supports major social platforms, pre-built content calendar, image editor, and tracks data-backed statistics.

Who should use it?

This Social Media beast is for all the small business owners, bloggers, digital agencies with a lot of clients, freelance social media marketers and for all those who want to be a social media influencer.

Promoreplublic Users


Now that you know, who all can use this amazing tool. Let’s see how I generated a ton of followers with the help of Promorepublic on my Twitter and Facebook page.

Twitter Page:

I started using Promorepublic a few months back, and in just a month I have gained 100+ genuine twitter followers.

BloggersCloud Twitter

Now… What did I do to generate those initial 100+ followers?

It’s simple. I created images in Promorepublic for the whole week and schedule them for the entire next week.

I even posted 4 images a day on my twitter account which gave me 10+ followers daily.

Facebook Page:

On my Facebook Page, one of the images went highly viral, and I didn’t even know that it will generate 323 likes in less than 24 hours.

I was amazed looking at the results, you know why? Because I simply created an informational image with a lot of content loaded in it with the help of Pormorepublic and posted it on Facebook.

Content Writing v/s Copywriting

It took me less than 7 minutes to create this image which went highly viral on Facebook without running any Facebook ads. You can see the organic reach is 20K+.

That’s enough to know the power of this tool.

Now that you know what magic it can create to your social media accounts. Let’s now explore the amazing features of Promorepublic:

Post Ideas:

I am in love with this feature. If you are not that creative and can’t generate unique ideas daily then you too will love this feature. With Post Ideas option you can generate a hell lot of new ideas within a blink of an eye. The tool has prebuilt images in it, you just need to add an angle from your niche and boom you are done.

Promorepublic post ideas

Promorepublic post ideas

They publish new images daily. They have a trending section wherein you can check there latest images. For example, if it’s a Children’s day you’ll see an image made especially for Children’s day. Similarly, they take care of many other events and days to help you save your time by creating images from scratch.

Promorepublic Trending Posts

Promorepublic Trending Posts

Note: All the images used in Promorepublic are stock images, so you don’t need to worry about image license issues. All the images are owned by them.

Pre-built Editor

Like every other tool, Promorepublic also has a pre-built editor. But, the fun part is they have already done the hard work for you. As soon as you open the editor, you’ll see an option to choose a template on which you would like to build your image.

Custom Image Dimensions

They have different templates for all the social media platforms. Pretty cool, right?

Background Images:

Not only Post Ideas but you also get some pretty sleek background images in Pormoreplublic. I made 25 images for Happy New Year in less than an hour with the help of this amazing feature called Backgrounds.

Background Images Promorepublic

Choose the Image you like, write the desired text on it and you are ready with your premium looking image.


They have a pre-built objects library to help you make the world-class images for your social media accounts.

Promoreplublic Objects

You can select frames, beautiful banners, buttons, emojis and many more.


Content Calendar

A lot of you are struggling while maintaining a content calendar that reminds you the right time to post on your social media handle.

Well, the team promorepublic has taken care of it. You get a Content Calendar to help you figure out which images need to schedule on what date. You can explore My content and Events.

My content will show all the content you have created and scheduled.

Content Calendar

Whereas, Events will show you various images and a lot of content ideas that’s being generated by Promorepublic.

Promorepublic Content Calendar

Content Calendar Promorepublic

You can now schedule all the images and come back and check the content calendar.


This is the feature for which I bought Promorepublic, and I also recommend you to give it a try (Because it’s FREE). After you are done editing the image just schedule it with few simple clicks.

Scheduling post promorepublic

You can choose from the platforms on which you would like to schedule the image. Be it only Facebook or be it Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin you can do it all with just a single click.

Scheduling on multiple platforms promorepublic

Scheduling on Multiple Platforms Promorepublic

Select the time which you feel is appropriate for your audience and schedule the post and see your social media accounts skyrocketing with likes and followers.


Data-backed Statistics

Just posting on Social Media is not enough. You also need to see which posts are working best for you and your audience and which are not. But how?

Promoreplublic Ubersuggest Statistics

Well… you have a pre-built statistics section given in the Promorepublic web app, wherein you can check all your posted images stats. You can see how many people liked your image, who all commented on the image, social shares and also the organic and paid views.

Random Post statistics

With this precise data, you can decide what can be your future social strategy while making new images. That’s what I do, I learn from the data and react accordingly to get maximum returns of my efforts.

Amazing Support

When I say amazing support, then I mean it. The team is serious about their customers. Even if you ask any silly questions to the support team, they will answer them all.

They are super active in responding to all your queries.

Here is the live example for the same:

Promorepublic support team

Promorepublic Support Team

Let’s now see the Pros and Cons of Promorepublic

Pros of Promorepublic:

Generate lots of Ideas
No need to stretch your head for new ideas anymore. Get Ideas from the platform itself.

Support for multiple Social Platforms
You can easily connect Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter account with a few clicks.

Pro scheduling
Schedule at any time of the day. With this, you can decide a day and schedule all your posts for the next week.

Integration with top industry apps
You are just a click away to connect the top industry tools like Hubspot and Buffer with Promorepublic.

Cons of Promorepublic

As every tool is not perfect Promorepublic is no exception. Here are some of the cons which I feel they should solve to make it yet the best Social Media tool in the market.

Compulsorily use the pre-built templates
You cannot create your custom template. You need to forcibly use the pre-built templates.

No color change for individual fonts
You cannot change the color for individual letters. Example: You have a sentence, “I’m a boy.” Now, you want to keep “I’m a” in green color and “Boy” in black color that’s not possible. Either way, you have to keep all your text color the same.

Canvas not optimised for all platforms
For example, if you choose the Facebook cover pre-built template to make your image. Now, when you post it on Instagram and Twitter, it won’t adjust the image size on its own. It will take the same image dimensions as you created.

Promorepublic Pricing

They have a very good pricing model for what they offer in return. They have 4 plans in total for their paid customers:

It starts with $9/mo to goes till $47/mo, and they also have a deluxe plan for your customized needs. But, for that, you need to contact them.

Before you move to any paid plans, I’d recommend you to try it for 14 days. It’s 100% FREE, and you get all the features to explore in the those 14 days.

Promoreplublic Pricing

Promorepublic Pricing


If you are just starting out as a Social Media Marketer or are a newbie blogger, then the $9/mo is the best plan for you. That’s less than 600INR/mo. Wherein you can connect 5 social media accounts and get access to 1,00,000 templates.

And, if you are running a big Social Media Agency then I’d recommend choosing the $49/mo as it will help you connect 30 social media accounts.

Promorepublic v/s Hootsuite

Both of the above-mentioned tools perform the same things for you. But what makes Promorepublic better than Hootsuite?


The biggest plan of Promorepublic is just $49/mo wherein Hootsuite is charging $492/mo. It’s ten times the price of Promorepublic. 

Now tell me which one will you choose?


Promorepublic Mobile App

If you are an Instagram Influencer then Promorepublic mobile app can make your day. As Instagram has privacy policies, they don’t allow to directly post images from a social media tool.

In short, you manually have to post it. So, in this case, Promorepublic made a mobile app wherein you can schedule all the post on your computer. Now, the time which you scheduled for the image to be posted, at that time you’ll receive a mobile notification as a reminder to post on Instagram.

As soon as you click the notification, you’ll then be redirected to the Instagram application to post your image.

It takes hardly 5 seconds to do this process. It’s that fast.

They still are working hard to bring in a lot of new features to this tool. If you are not a customer of it, you should try it now for 14 days and see you social media accounts skyrocketing.

A Quick Video on How the Tool Works


Wrap Up:

I hope this guide on Promorepublic Review helps you make your decision. Let me know your thoughts regarding this tool. Also, do let me know if I missed out on any features in the comments section below.

If you liked the article do share it with others who are eagerly looking for a social media management tool. It’s the beast in terms of features and support.


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