What are LSI Keywords And How to Use Them to Boost SEO [Updated May 2018]

LSI Keywords has become a new buzz word in the SEO industry. A lot of you might not be knowing what are LSI Keywords, what do they do and how to find them?


LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing.

You must be wondering, Hey what am I talking about? Needless to worry today in this post I’ll walk you through a complete guide to LSI Keywords. I’ll try to cover everything which lies under this section.

You’ll also learn how to rank higher in SERPs using LSI Keywords.

So, shall we start?

If you are interested in watching the video on LSI Keywords in Hindi do watch this.

What are LSI Keywords?

LSI Keywords or latent semantic indexing in simple manner is the way Google relates the keywords to your primary keyword.

In other words, you can also say LSI Keywords are the synonyms of your primary keyword.

Let’s better understand it with an example.

Look at this example of Apple:

Google search apple

Here how will Google understand whether you’re searching for Apple as a fruit or the company? Well… that’s where LSI Keywords comes into picture.

Google will check for LSI Keywords on your page to decide which has the correct meaning:

If it contains words like apple juice, apple pie, red apple, eating an apple, then your page is probably related to apple as a fruit.

If it contains words like Apple iPhone, apple watch, Apple iPhone x, apple battery, then it’s probably related to the Apple company.

You can find LSI Keywords from the footer of Google search results. Look for “Searches related to”

LSI Keywords

The Born of LSI:

Gone are the days when you can write an article focusing on a single keyword. In August 2013 Google introduced the Hummingbird Algorithm also known as the semantic algorithm.

It solely focuses on understanding the content of page better with the help of synonyms. That’s where LSI keywords were born.

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How to Find LSI Keywords?

Now that you have understood how LSI keywords can help you in improving your overall SEO performance. The next question is how to find the LSI keywords?


Here is the list of free LSI keywords tools which will make your task easy to find them.
Note: Some tools mentioned here are paid.

  • LSI Graph
  • SEMrush
  • Keyword Shitter
  • Niche Laboratory
  • Soovle

Now let’s understand them in detail.

LSI Graph [FREE]

It’s the tool I personally use to find out LSI keywords for my articles.

Just go here[Link] and type in your focus keyword in the search bar. Solve the captcha and click on Generate.

Boom! Here’s the list of your targeted keyword.

LSIGraph LSI Keyword Generator

Visit LSIGraph

SEMrush [Paid]

SEMrush is the ultimate tool for all your marketing needs. It will help you churn out some great LSI keywords.

Here also, just type in your focus keyword click on Search and see the magic.

SEMrush competitive keyword research

Bonus: In SEMrush you’ll also know about the searched keyword monthly volume and Keyword Difficulty. This will help you figure out the competition on the keyword.

Visit SEMrush

Keyword Shitter [FREE]

The name says it all the Keyword Shitter tool is something which shits some of the good LSI keywords out there for you.

Keyword Shitter

Unique Part: You can also filter out the positive and negative keywords. Down at the bottom, you can see the monthly searches and competition on the keyword.

Keyword shitter bulk keyword generator tool

You can also download the complete list of keywords now and use it later. Pretty awesome right?

Visit Keyword Shitter

Niche Laboratory [FREE]

This tool is a complete package. As the name suggests, you can find LSI Keywords related to a specific niche.

Niche laboratory Keyword Generator

Now not only keywords you can also find competition, articles, influencers and many other things with this FREE tool.

Disadvantage: You need to manually check for keywords related to your niche as you’ll be bombarded with hell lot of keywords.

Visit Niche Laboratory

Soovle [FREE]

This again is a free tool. Soovle supports results from Google, Bing, Youtube, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Amazon, and Answer.com.

Now, this is amazing. You can search for a single keyword and know what people are searching for across all other platforms.

Soovle Keyword Generator

It’s a spontaneous result generating tool as soon as you start writing it will immediately respond to the results.

All these tools are great to use, but my personal recommendation is LSI Graph. Others tool are also excellent but don’t know I still love LSI Graph the most.

Visit Soovle

How to use LSI Keywords?

Now that you have understood LSI keywords and how to find them. Let’s understand how to use them.

Sprinkle them throughout the article and make sure your LSI Keywords make sense with your primary keyword.

Don’t focus on a single keyword, instead use multiple LSI keywords that way you won’t get hit by any of Google’s algorithm and your article will be formed naturally.

I usually take 3-4 keywords for every article and sprinkle it throughout the article.

Target more positions for your LSI Keywords. You can use them in your head or conclusion section or also in the anchor text.

Just remember this in mind. KEEP IT NATURAL!

Where to Include?

This seems to be an interesting question. There’s no specific answer to this though. Here is the priority list:

  • Title Tags
  • Meta Tags
  • Header
  • Anchor text
  • Permalinks
  • Body of the content
  • Beginning and ending of paragraph

Don’t get me wrong but if you use a lot of repetitive LSI keywords chances are Google might smell it and blacklist you from the SERPs. So, make sure you use them in a smart way.


From the huge list of benefits here are some of my top picks:

Safe from Spam

By using LSI Keywords in the article, you help Google understand that your article is not spam and that it’s natural.

Also, it differentiates your content from spun content.

Drop in Bounce Rate

LSI keywords prevent your article to rank for wrong keywords.

Let’s understand this with an example:

Suppose if there are two search results targeted for the term “Windows.”

By using LSI keywords like “Windows pc,” “Windows 10”, “Windows OS.” Your article won’t land in a housing Window category.

But if you have used something like “House window” “designer windows” “glass window” then Google will definitely understand the intent of the article from the context.

See the below listed example and check how smartly Wikipedia uses LSI keywords:

Wikipedia LSI Keyword strategy

Improve Rankings

It really does help. I recently wrote an article on how to use Ubersuggest step-by-step and its search volume is more than 49000+ searches a month. Just using LSI Keywords smartly I am comfortably sitting on the 25th position in Google.

Believe me no backlinks…

…Yes, I haven’t made any backlinks. I just simply wrote an SEO and user-friendly article.


Improve Blog Authority

More rankings will help you get more clicks, and as you start getting more clicks, your blog will build authority naturally.

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Wrap Up

I hope this article on what are LSI keywords and how to use them help you in learning almost everything around this topic. Now you can write better content and rank well on SERPs.

If you feel anything is missing from my end, do let me know in the comments section and I’d be happy to add that part.

If you loved the article do share it with other bloggers so that it can help the community.

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