BC #001 An Interview With A Pro Affiliate Marketer – Ankit Singla

I have started a new category of BloggersCloud named “Interviews”. From now onwards, I’ll Interview top industry experts who are making a decent income online and living their dream life.

I haven’t decided the complete roadmap for this category yet. But I think one interview in a month is a good idea.

If you have any better idea leave it in the comments section below.

Today, I’m conducting the first Interview on BloggersCloud with Ankit Singla a pro Affiliate Marketer. He is a kind person and a very good friend of mine. His life mantra is to “learn as much as you can”.

I won’t take your time much and let’s directly jump into the Interview and learn some secret techniques Ankit has to share with us.

1) Tell us about you, your educational background and how you stumbled across Blogging?

I am a Full-time Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, YouTuber, and a public speaker from New Delhi, India. I hold a 3 years diploma in Informational Technology.

I attended a seminar of a multilevel marketing company years back where they explained how we can earn money online by creating a website and installing Google Adsense ads on it.

Then, later on, I heard the term “Blog” the first time from one of my college friends. I started studying about Blogs and soon created one blog of my own. This is how I stumbled across blogging.

2) Being a professional Affiliate Marketer, what would you like to suggest who are just starting out with Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways bloggers can earn money online. But, let me be honest here. Affiliate Marketing is not EASY.

You need to understand your audience needs, pains and, desires.

Understand where they are and where they want to go. Help them to reach their goals by providing useful content.

Learn the art of selling WITHOUT selling and you’ll soon become a successful affiliate marketer.

3) What Affiliate Programs would you like to suggest to a complete beginner?

Well, it depends on your niche but, the right approach is; look if the products you use for yourself has an affiliate program? In most of the cases, you will find their affiliate program. If not, do this:

Make a list of your competitors and check what products or services they are promoting. Analyse how they are making money from their blogs. Make your plans based on your research.

One more way to find the right products or affiliate programs is, check your high-traffic generating blog posts and see if you can promote any product there. You’ll find the ‘right-fit’ product for yourself.

Edit those blog posts and insert your affiliate links in few places. Remember, don’t hard sell.

4) When did you make your first dollar with BloggerTipsTricks and how were you feeling making your first dollar online?

I have been blogging for 9 years now, and I earned my first online income after 8 months of ‘continuous’ blogging. It was a great moment for me because it was a “PROOF” that we can earn money online.

I started BloggerTipsTricks.com in 2013 and made my first “Affiliate Income” from it in around 2015. That feeling is inexpressible. All I can say is; a marketer born that day. 😛

5) When the idea to become an Affiliate Marketer came to your mind and how did you nurture it?

It was not an idea.

I was struggling to make money from my blog. I used to ask for guidance to my blogger friends. One lucky day, I met Anil Agarwal from BloggersPassion.com, and he was so generous to give me some advice on Affiliate Marketing from his years of experience.

Few other friends of mine especially Krishna Moorthy D from BlogBeatz.com also helped me in becoming what I am today.

And if we talk about how I kept growing as an affiliate marketer, it is a result of my continuous learning. My mantra is if you want to improve your results, improve yourself first.

6) Would you like to share some Affiliate Marketing hacks that had worked really well for you in the past?

The best hack is; solve your readers’ problems. (or create informational content)

Try to educate your readers and show them how a particular tool (the tool you promote) can solve their problems, can make their life easier.

For example, my audience struggle with Keyword Research. So I published a detailed guide to Keyword Research using SEMrush.

Of course, the tool I am promoting here is SEMrush. But the thing is, I solved my readers’ problems and sold them a useful tool.

7) What are your future goals with BloggerTipsTricks?

My blog recently completed its awesome 5 years. These 5 years, I just focused on providing useful content to my audience.

My future plans are also about the content. I am continuously improving my knowledge so that I could produce more awesome content for my readers.

No matter how much we grow, if we stop learning, we stop growing. Period.

8) Have you ever tried Amazon Affiliates? If yes, how was your overall experience with It?

I have never tried it because I love to promote niche products.

The reason being, with each product you get an affiliate manager. You can reach to them to ask your questions, to share your ideas and basically for everything.

They are always willing to support you because the more you promote their products, the more business they get from you.

9) You are a Youtuber. How was your experience with Youtube? If asked, which is better Blogging or Youtube what will be your take?

I am a Blogger more than a YouTuber. I started my first YouTube channel in 2014 just to learn YouTube and earn some money from Adsense.

I still make passive income from my YouTube channels, but to be honest, I LOVE blogging.

The reason is, it’s easily scalable (from affiliate marketing’s point of view.) Once we have an authority blog, we can promote more affiliate products and instantly boost our income.

Well, it’s my personal view. You may like YouTube more than Blogging. Or if you are in a dilemma which one to choose as a career, I would recommend start both if possible and see which one is giving you the best ROI. For me, it’s Blogging.

10) What are some of your favorite tools which you like to use on your website?

My all-time favorite tools are –

SEMrush – for keyword research
Ahrefs – for backlink analysis
Photoshop – for graphics
Visme – for graphics, infographics, charts, etc.
Thrive Leads – lead capturing plugin
Thrive Architect – Visual Editor for WordPress

11) How Blogging has changed your life?

This is how blogging has changed my life:
From various part-time/full-time jobs to full-time Blogging
From struggles to time and financial freedom
From a newbie to an experienced affiliate marketer
From introvert to a public speaker

Do I need to write more? Blogging has not only changed my life; it has changed me.

12) How many sites do you manage other than BloggerTipsTricks? If you like to mention them?

I run several ‘test’ sites (I keep testing my ideas) but my main focus is only BloggerTipsTricks.com.

One best reason of it is, as it is a Blogging niche blog, the more I focus on its growth, the more blogging knowledge I gain.

13) Many people say Blogging is dead. What is your take on it?

Some people say Blogging is dead, and some say it’s here forever. Both are right.

If you have required skills and knowledge, like article writing, copywriting, SEO, marketing, etc, Blogging will never die for you.

14) What are the final words you would like to share with our readers?

Treat Blogging as a business.

Your articles are your products. Create better products (create awesome content), promote the product well (promote your blog posts to reach the right audience) and keep improving your product based on the market analysis (keep improving your articles’ quality).. you‘ll always have a healthy and profitable business in your hands. Best wishes!

Thanks for taking the time to read my answers. Hope you learned something new today. To take your Blogging journey to the next level, download this free blueprint and learn how to make an Amazon niche site that makes $1000 per month.

For any help, you can connect with me on social media. I love making connections. 🙂

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Wrap Up

I hope you liked this first Interview with Ankit and if you are still reading then don’t forget to leave a comment below and let me know how can I improve this category and whom all you guys want to be interviewed here on BloggersCloud. 🙂


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