Instamojo Review: Is It The Best Online Payment Gateway in India?

Are you a business owner who is searching for a solution online to receive payments?


Are you a blogger who wants to sell their ebooks and digital products?


Are you an event organizer who is ready to sell their tickets online?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then read the post till the end because I’ll be addressing a serious problem happening in the market right now. So make sure you stick around.

I know how you feel when everything is all set to roll out but still, there’s a system which is missing to make it happen.

“A Payment Gateway System”.

I had been to the exact same place where you are at this moment only before I got to know about the Instamojo payment gateway system.

Yes, Instamojo is like a God served for all the Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, and Freelancers out there. Only after creating my account on Instamojo website I understood that selling online is super easy.

What is Instamojo?

Instamojo is a Bangalore based company which helps small business owners, Freelancers, and Bloggers to collect payment and sell digital products online.

It’s a dead simple process to follow, and believe me, if you have your digital product ready you can literally sell it in less than 10 minutes. (More on this later).

Instamojo Payment Gateway

Do note that it’s only available for Indians so you won’t be able to accept payments coming from outside India. That is kind of a drawback of Instamojo but their target audience is mainly Indians and they are killing here in the Indian market. So good job Instamojo.

If you have a bank account, Instamojo will work like a charm for you. It’s now one of the biggest online payment gateways in India because they are solving a serious problem of the market which is accepting online payments. Especially in India, it was always a pain to collect payments online.

Features of Using Instamojo

Now that you know what is Instamojo let’s now dive right into the features of Instamojo.

1) You can sell physical products and collect payments through it.

2) Their service fee is 1.9% on every sale you make via Instamojo (Which is super cheap)

3) A dedicated App Store wherein you can use their paid and free apps to make your online journey much better.

4) A dedicated Affiliate program in place.

5) You can do SEO Optimization for all your products

6) You get an Analytics Dashboard to understand what is working for you and what is failing (It’s paid 200/mo)

7) You can create your online web store in minutes

How to Start Using Instamojo Payment Gateway (Step-by-Step)

In this part of the tutorial, I’ll guide you how you can make your account and sell your stuff online on Instamojo.

  • Create your FREE Instamojo Account and click on the signup button.
  • Sign up for a new account and fill in all the required details.
  • Follow these 4 simple steps to setup your account in under 5 minutes.

Instamojo Signup Process

Step 1: Click on Submit your KYC option.

Step 2: Next, enter your PAN Card number and other details.

Instamojo Signup PAN Card

Before following the step 3 you’ll require all the below mentioned documents.

  • Passbook Front Page
  • Cheque Book Front Page
  • Latest Bank Acc Statement

Step 3: Upload your PAN card and other details in the portal. You can also take pictures with your phone and access the Instamojo mobile site for completing the whole process.

Step 4: Click on final submit. It will take less than an hour for your account to completely activate.

Note: If you don’t submit all the required details you still can use Instamojo but the maximum account limit would be 10,000 INR. If you want unlimited access to your account then you need to compulsorily upload all the documents.

Create Your Instamojo Account Today for 100% FREE

Is Instamojo A Free Service?

No, it’s not a free service instead they charge 1.9% transactional fee on every sale you make through Instamojo.

How you can use Instamojo for your business?

Sell Digital Products: No more paying to the big authorities. With Instamojo you can sell digital products under your name or your company name with their universal 1.9% fees.

Sell Event Tickets: Planning to organize a mega event? Now you can sell all your tickets via Instamojo by integrating their payment system on your website or sell directly through their portal.

Earn Affiliate Income: You can also be someone’s Affiliate on Instamojo and directly earn a commission when you sell their products online.

Sell Ebooks: If you are a blogger, a marketer, or a coach then with Instamojo you can sell your ebooks online.

Add Your First Product on Instamojo (Step-by-Step)

You can sell Digital Products, Physical Products, Event Tickets and Other stuff on Instamojo.

Follow the step with me and after completing you’ll have your product ready to sell.

Step 1: Select the type of product you want to sell. (I’m taking a Digital Product here)

Instamojo Add Digital Product

Step 2: Fill in all the details about the product and make sure to upload your digital file.

Step 3: You can play with the Advanced and SEO options available below.

Instamojo Advanced Setting

Step 4: BANG ON! Congratulations, you have published your first product online.

Instamojo Customer Care Support: Is it good or bad?

Talking about the support, I had a very good experience with the Instamojo Support team. In fact, they are very fast in responding to your emails and they also have a live chat support which helps in getting your problem solved within minutes.

Instamojo Customer Support Team

The best part is, if the support team doesn’t know the right answer to your question then they help you connect to the right person instead of messing things around.

Sometimes it takes a while for them to respond to your emails but that is okay with me when compared to the overall service they are providing.

Instamojo Free and Paid Add-ons

Instamojo is not just limited to collecting payments online in India but they have a whole bunch of free and paid applications available in their App Store.

Instamojo App Store

Here is the glimpse of all their apps:

  • Pro Analytics (200 credits/mo)
  • Zepo Couriers (FREE)
  • SMS Sales Alert (300 credits/mo)
  • Remove Button Branding (250 credits/mo)
  • Payment Retry (400 credits/mo)
  • Missed Call Marketing (200 credits/mo)

And the list goes on and on.

You can create your FREE Instamojo Account to explore all the other apps in your dashboard.

Final Words:

I hope you liked the detailed Instamojo review. I know it’s a goldmine for all the bloggers, business owners and marketers out there who want to make their online presence without the interference of big companies.

Create your account and enjoy quick money it’s that simple. If you have any further doubts regarding creating your Instamojo account or how to sell products online on Instamojo then leave a comment below and I’ll definitely help you out.

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  1. i heard about it, already i am using paypal but these days service of paypal is too bad. Planning to move some other payment getway.. will this instamojo getway help me to get payment from all countries ?

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