Case Study: How I Jumped from 65 to 323 Facebook Likes in Less Than 24 Hours

My Lazy Facebook Page Journey

I never took my Facebook page seriously. I just created a page on Facebook and never even opened it.

In fact, I never tried posting anything which was creative and which solves a user’s problem on my Page.

When I started my new page BloggersCloud a couple of months back, the laziness in me was never ready to try something innovative and stand out of others. In the initial days, I posted some of the memes from I didn’t get any response, and that is an obvious fact because I have no one to see my posts.

Slowly and gradually I lost momentum and became lazier to not even post a single meme on my Facebook page.

I posted near about five posts on my page in the last couple of months. All this included memes, Infographics, Marketing Tips, etc.

I love doing and learning Digital Marketing, and that’s why I started BloggersCloud to share information with my readers who want to learn something new in DM.

But somewhere down the line, I was lacked behind when it comes to sharing information. I was still unaware how a Facebook page can change so many things in a blink of an eye if you take it seriously.

Today I’ll share with you one case study on How I generated more than 200+ likes in less than 24 hours. I know I know some of you must be laughing why is he saying it a case study in just 200 likes.

But hey…

It’s not focused on likes; instead, it focuses on what strategy I used to generate those likes.

Also, I will include a Pro Tip at the end which will solve all your problems if you think about it deeply. But it will only work if you read through this case study. 🙂

Let’s get started

How I Got Motivation to Start?

As I said, I was super inactive when it comes to Facebook page. But there’s a page on Facebook named Beebom. I was seeing their posts since last one month, and I was amazed how they were getting more than 20000 likes on each post.


Here is a snapshot of Beebom which got me motivated to run my Facebook page.

One day I opened up their page and saw some of the trending posts. The top post had 31000 likes.

By the way, Beebom is a Tech related page in case if you don’t know famous for publishing images and facebook videos on Tech news. So going back I saw their page for an hour or so and the average likes on every post which I saw was around 10000.

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I found this to be interesting. In fact, I got to know the power of having a Facebook Page. I started following the page and started keeping an eye on how frequently do they post? What all do they post? Which post gets more likes and comments?

Slowly I understood that it’s not any rocket science to manage a Facebook page, in fact, it’s really fun which I was already missing.

I committed myself to be serious about my Page from now onwards and decided to post at least one post daily to serve my audience.

That is how I got motivated to be active on my Page. I started working on my goals, and I got mind-blowing results.

How did I start posting amazing content on my page?

After doing a lot of research on the web about what can I post which goes viral and I get some engagement from my audience, and so I ended up with the definition of “Content Syndication.” It was something which I didn’t know, and I thought people might also be unaware of it.

I decided that I will post it today and the very next moment I opened Canva and started working on it. It took me less than 15 mins to make the image from scratch.

Here is what I ended up making. A simple image loaded with information.

I promoted the post in some of the famous groups in my niche, and I got a decent response. Before promoting the page I had just 65 likes and after posting this my likes boosted to 80+.

With this overwhelmingly positive response from my readers, I felt more motivated and started working hard on my next posts.

One thing that started giving me results as I posted something which was new to the majority of my readers and at the same time informative as well.

I hunted in some of the groups and forums about what people are searching for and started solving their problems with my straightforward and short Social Media posts.

And that is how I started posting amazing content on my page for my audience.

How one of my posts went viral?

It was Sunday morning 17/09/2017 9:00 AM, and after getting a lot of positive response from my audience previous day, I decided to make one new post in Canva and post it on my page. This time I searched hard about what people are searching or asking in forums and groups.

I got to know about a topic which even I was unaware. It was related to “What is the difference between Content writing and Copywriting.” I started googling some pointers and difference. It took me not more than 30 minutes to collect the information and make it in Canva.

Again I posted it in some of the famous Facebook groups, and after posting, I set a goal of reaching 100 likes by the end of the day.

In less than 12 hrs of posting, I got 150+ likes, and the post went highly viral on all the groups where I posted it.

People started commenting and sharing my posts which gave a better reach. And I was gobsmacked with the results.

Here are some of the snapshots of the viral post

Here is the image of the post which went viral.


You can see from the picture the post got 14k+ reach. (Organic)


And 200+ reactions.I never imagined this would ever happen.

The only reason it got viral was the readers never witnessed such high-quality information in a small image. Slowly the page like number increased and crossed over 300+ likes in less than 24 hours.

All the 255 likes which you can see in the image above were generated in less than 24 hours. That is the power of Content. “Content is the king of Marketing.”

An 1100% rise in likes.

Finally What I learned?

One thing which I learned from this experiment and I suggest you should also learn it is:

Pro Tip: Always solve your user’s problem. Before hitting that publish button ask one question to yourself first are you solving even one person’s problem and if it a YES then hit that publish button and if it’s a NO then rethink and come up with a proper solution. Don’t rush things and make the best out of what you are offering.

Wrap Up

I hope this case study helped you in some way or another and I’ll keep updating this case study.
I’ll keep experimenting and will share all my stories with you guys on BloggersCloud.

Post all your queries in the comments section if you have any and I would be more than happy to help you.

Share it with other if you loved the article. Thank you!

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