My Amazon Account Got Banned: I LOST $1684 In A Blink Of An Eye

It was 21st August 2018, and at 5 PM I tried logging into my Amazon Associates account where I got an error message “No such account exists with Amazon Associates. Join now for free.

At first, I thought I entered the wrong password, so I tried entering my password again. Surprisingly, it showed me the same error message.

My heart started beating fast and it touched 113 beats per minute (double than a normal human being). Negative thoughts covered me all around.

I quickly opened my inbox and the first email that I saw was “Your Associates Account is Banned.”

Amazon Account Banned

I started shivering and everything changed in an instance. It felt like I have lost my life and everything is against me.

I quickly went through the email and saw that I was banned because of violating Amazon’s trademark. The worst part was they sent me an email 5 days back as a warning to solve the error and re-apply to the program again.

However, the email ID associated with my affiliate account is the one I don’t use anymore.

It sucks, right?


Amazon Affiliate account earnings

This was the exact email that I got from the team:

Amazon Associates Warning

I quickly posted about this issue in a few Facebook groups but didn’t get any positive response from the community. The only thing I could understand from their answers was my account is never coming back.

But that was not all it was my hard earned money and I need to get it back at any cost, so I tried contacting their support team.

I wrote them an email addressing that I’m from India and flood issues are going in my city right now, and due to that I was unable to check my emails from last ten days. Also, I have solved the trademark issue now so is there a way to get my account back?

Finally reading through my email I hit the submit button.

But somewhere I knew I wouldn’t be getting any reply from the team because once your Amazon account is banned no one on planet earth can bring it back.

I started hating my work.

I started hating blogging, and negative thoughts surrounded my mind all over. So I took my headphones plugged it into my mobile phone and started listening to some motivational songs to keep myself calm.

Guess what?

It didn’t help either.

Slowly, in the next 10 minutes I started crying and felt like I’ll never succeed in blogging and this is not my thing.

My mom knew the whole incident and so she encouraged me. She told me even if you’ll cry the money is never coming back, but you have mastered the skills with which you can make this type of money again and again.

This thing hit me in my mind, and I started thinking about it seriously that somewhere my mom is 100% correct. I have lost the money agreed but not what I learned it’s with me and forever will be.

I quickly got up from the chair washed my eyes and started finding ways of creating a new Amazon Associates account without getting banned again. I read every article that was available on the Internet for next 5 hours straight.

The very next morning the first thing that I did was checking my email. But unfortunately, I haven’t got any email from the Amazon team yet. So I started searching on how to create an Amazon associates account without leaving any footprints.

Finally, after going through tens if not hundreds of articles, I created my new account. (A new email, new phone number, new IP address, new Tax information, new bank account, new Payee name). Everything was new and fresh leaving no footprints behind.

I created a new account and the process was smooth but I was still worried about Amazon catching my second account and banning it again. Due to this fear, I was unable to work on my Amazon affiliate site for the next two days.

Whenever I planned on writing the article, I got negative thoughts about what if I get banned again. Will all the hard work go in vain and zillion other thoughts.

Later that day, demotivation started kicking in so I called up two of my close friends and asked them if they can spare some time from their busy schedule and meet me. Surprisingly, both of them agreed.

I left my home at 9:30 PM and reached the destination by 9:50 PM. We ate ice cream and were making fun of each other. I felt relaxed and happy. For a moment, I didn’t even care that I lost 1 lac 15 thousand rupees.

I was enjoying the moment, laughing and cherishing.

Suddenly, I got an email from Amazon.

My heartbeat increased again (rapidly this time). I feared to click on that email and going through it, but still, I did.

Here is the exact email that I got from the team:

Amazon Associates account reinstated

My account was reinstated.

OMG! WHAT AM I READING. Is this thing even real? For a second I was unable to believe what I just read. You won’t believe, but I read the email three times continuously. After this, I quickly tried logging into my Affiliate account, and it worked.

Boy Oh Boy, I was so happy that I couldn’t express it in words. I hugged one of my friends because he only knew the whole scenario. The other one was thinking what the hell is he even doing lol.

After that, I came back home at 11:20 PM and the first thing I did was open up my laptop and tried logging into my Amazon Affiliate account, and it worked. My mom was sleeping I asked her to wake up. I gave her this surprise that the account is up and running again. She was very happy for me.

This was a life changing experience for me which I’ll never forget in my life ever. I am now super careful about the Terms of Services (ToS) provided by Amazon.

Most of you reading the article wouldn’t be following all the ToS provided by Amazon, and that is why I’m writing a new article on what all mistakes you should avoid and not get banned from Amazon Associates program. Stay tuned.

With this incident, I also learned that depending solely on one income can be harmful to you and your business. Diversification is the key.

So, now I have started exploring some other fields as well. My plan is to build a handful of niche sites, starting a small agency with Conscious Business where Less is More and building my own info products which I can sell later.

I’m loving the blogging journey so far.

If you’re still reading, I’d like to say a big big thank you to you. You’re awesome. Now don’t go. Wait. Share some of the life-changing events that taught you a new lesson in your life. It can be anything.

I’d love to hear from you guys. 🙂

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24 thoughts on “My Amazon Account Got Banned: I LOST $1684 In A Blink Of An Eye”

    • You don’t need to go and read the official ToS provided by Amazon because I’ll be writing a detailed article on what mistakes to avoid and not get banned from Amazon Associates.

  1. You know, I can understand your situation thoroughly because back in 2016 I’ve lost an Adsense account having more than 1k USD.

    On that day I’ve understand 2 things, one is never depends on a signal income source and second is never loose hope.

    Life goes on doesn’t matter how hard time is, and you will feel happy again after a while. It just a matter of time.

    Nice hear that you have recovered your account, also waiting for the new articles as I’m about to start Amazon niches.

  2. I’m very happy that your account got recovered and you got your hard earned money. God bless you and keep doing hard work. 😇

  3. It was like a roller coster journey for me while reading this article. I can understand how you would have felt after going through all this. Aakhri tak aate aate mere hi heart beat badh gae thi….and felt really good when I read that ki it got resolved finally.

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