The 100 Day Blogging Course by Deepak My Honest Review

WARNING: This is my honest review of the 100 day blogging course. You may or may not like it.

Blogging is going to big in the next coming 10 years. Like, really big. Imagine a life where you can earn loads of cash just by writing articles on the web. Isn’t that amazing?

We are in a time where we can create a brand or a million dollar business from scratch with a 13-inch laptop which you are looking in to right now.

If you are planning to start a new blog or are a blogger for many years but don’t know how to earn easily $$$$/mo through blogging?

If you are lost in the ocean of information available for FREE all over the web?


If you don’t know how to start a blog and continuously make money online on autopilot?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above-mentioned questions. Don’t worry; I got your back. I have one single answer to all your blogging queries.


Yes, you heard that right. This is a course from where I started my blogging journey eight months back.

The course has 6+ hours of learning videos, and luckily the course has only reached to 72 lessons as of now. I’m very excited to see what is coming up in the next 28 lessons.

Who is your trainer?

If you are into Digital Marketing then you must have heard his name. One of the top Digital Marketers in India Deepak Kanakaraju is your trainer for this course.

He is also an Author, Speaker, Digital Marketing Consultant, and a Trainer in the field of Digital Marketing and blogs about digital marketing tips at Digital Deepak (his personal blog). He is also a columnist at and YourStory. Having 10+ years of experience in DM, he recently started his own Agency named PixelTrack. Not to forget, Deepak Kanakaraju is also a social media expert.

All an all you can see that you are being trained by a professional having massive knowledge in the field of Digital Marketing.

What will you learn?

There are several modules covered in the course; I will give a brief overview of the modules covered:

  • How to start a blog from scratch
  • Learning WordPress
  • Basics of Google Analytics
  • Getting started with Youtube and Video Marketing
  • Google Adwords
  • Basics of Facebook Ads
  • Email Marketing and Automation
  • SMS Marketing
  • SEO and Keyword Research
  • How to use Social Media to drive traffic to your blog.
  • … and more

This is a brief overview of the course we are still left with 28 lessons so you can see the endless possibilities this course has for you.

I don’t know whether you noticed it or not but Deepak have tried covering every facet of Digital Marketing in this one single course.

This course is a gold mine for all the beginner Bloggers out there.

There are several other courses by Deepak Kanakaraju available in the market but the 100 day blogging course by Deepak is still the best among all of them in my opinion.

100 day blogging course portal

Join 100 Day Blogging Course for just 4,999/-

I will give you some social proof which I have achieved from this course. But before that let’s see what are people are telling about the 100 day blogging course.

Now, that you know that you are not misguided with the course let’s see some social proof which I have achieved so far.

[et_bloom_inline optin_id=”optin_2″]

When I started, I was not really good at writing big articles. In fact, I was hardly able to write a 500 word article and that too it took me a whole day finishing it.

However, after learning few secret tips on how to write excellent content in the course I now can write 1500+ word article in less than 3 hours. Isn’t that amazing?

Not only that, I even have clients who pay me for writing content for them.

Here is a proof of my earnings.

Earning Proof

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Writing SEO optimized Content

When I started blogging, I didn’t even know what SEO stands for. And today I run a blog where I’m ranking in the top 10 results for some highly competitive keywords in Google.
There are few strategies which you won’t find anywhere else on the Internet but only in this course. These were the strategies which I used exactly step by step to achieve some mind-blowing results.

Here is the proof:

Keyword: Ubersuggest
Ranking: 5

Ubersuggest Keyword Rankings

Keyword: Promorepublic Review
Ranking: 7
Promorepublic Review Rankings

Keyword: Blogging Tips 2018
Ranking: 8
Blogging Tips 2018 Rankings

List Building

BloggersCloud Group Subscribers List

I have collected more than 100+ email ID with the techniques Deepak has shared in the Lead generation lesson.

This is my audience now and I own this list and let me tell you list building is the best asset you can have in the online world.

The following lessons from the course helped me achieve it:

  • Email Marketing Automation
  • Lead Generation
  • Understanding Email Marketing Workflows

Learning Facebook Ads

In this module of the 100 day Blogging course, Deepak teaches you how to get started with Facebook ads and create your first ad campaign.

How to install Pixel code and start retargeting your visitors, again and again, to finally convert them.

Out of curiosity, I played with Facebook Ads and got some amazing results. Here is the proof of it:

Facebook Ads Proof
Running a Facebook Group

I own a Facebook Group wherein I share some amazing strategies related to SEO and so far the group is performing great. We know have crossed the sweet spot of our 1000 members.

Here is the proof of engagement in the group:


So, as you can see, I have achieved so many things in the past eight months. From no one, I am now something in the field of Digital Marketing. I am proud that I invested my money in this course and learned loads of new things.

What you’ll get when you join the course?

100 Video Lessons: Yes, you’ll get all the video lessons in the learning portal as soon as you sign up for the course. (72 to be exact while writing this article)
Worth: 10,000

Access to Private Facebook Group: We have a community of 2200+ members who help each other solving their doubts
Worth: 2,000

Secret Checklist and Cheat sheets: Believe me you won’t find these strategies anywhere else on the web.
Worth: 1,000


But you won’t be paying that much.

Not 10,000/-
Not even 7,000/-

If you sign up today for the 100 Day Blogging Course, you’ll be getting the full course with all the goodies included in just 4,999/-

Yes, that’s correct. You are getting a video lesson for just 50/- each.

Join 100-Day Blogging Course for just 4,999/-

Now let’s see what all is good and what is bad in the course:

The Good:

  • Learn loads of new things
  • 100% worth the money
  • Access to all the videos for Lifetime

The Bad:

  • No consistency in launching new videos
  • As promised about the LIVE Q&A sessions it’s not happening
  • Not so strong support team

As with the good comes the bad and 100 day blogging course by Deepak is no exception. But overall you are getting a gold mine for just 4,999/- whereas other course providers are charging more than 20,000/- easily.

If you still are confused and have some question watch out this FAQ video from Deepak Kanakaraju.


So, is it worth your hard earned money?
Yes, it definitely is! If you are choosing blogging and Digital Marketing as your full-time career, then this is the best option you’ll get at this price point.

Moreover, due to the course going viral Deepak is soon planning to hike the price to 10,000/-

If you are really interested and serious about your Digital career than take a leap forward and enroll in the course today.

Join the 100 Day Blogging Course at Just 4,999/-

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  1. Well written article sir. I’m also a part of 100 Day Blogging Course and Deepak Sir provides all the valuable tips you need to kick start your blogging journey.
    I’m also a part of your group “Roundable for Digital Marketers” and you maintain it very nicely.
    Keep doing the good work sir and nice review. 🙂

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