10 Common Mistakes Every Amateur Blogger Makes

Blogging is fun, but at the same time, there are so many amateur bloggers out there who commit mistakes. Committing mistakes is sometimes good as you’ll always learn from them, but not knowing what mistakes you are making is not healthy both for you and your blog.

Today in the post I’ll walk you through the mistakes an amateur blogger makes which prevents their blog to shine in front of the other big blogs. The first thing you need to be aware of what mistakes you are making being a blogger.

That is why I’m writing this post just to make you aware of the mistakes which can potentially harm your blogging career.

So let’s dive right in!

1) Create Backlinks

For an amateur blogger, building backlink is everything they can do to rank high in SERPs. But that’s the biggest mistake you can make while just starting your blog/website. The best way for an amateur blogger is to start posting regularly on their website instead of hunting for guest posting opportunities.

But wait, you must be thinking why should I not attract high-quality backlinks on my website if I am getting it easily via guest posting?

Create Backlinks

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Because, if your site is new and lacks the quality content assets then it would be very difficult for people to trust you as a pro blogger and that you have good writing skills. You don’t have anything to showcase them.

The best thing you can do to acquire some useful links is to comment on big blogs and get some no-follow links. Now, don’t worry about the no-follow links that you get on your domain, they still are good. Comment daily for 10 minutes on your niche related blogs if you are just starting out and start writing regularly on your blog.

2) Blog Design:

Your website is all about visuals. Imagine if you have a great piece of content written but no proper structure or design on your blog to represent it. Do you think the reader will come back again on your website?

I assure you they won’t!

Being an amateur blogger, you always try finding out themes that are free of cost. I know there are some amazing looking free themes available, but you won’t find any customization and design options in the freebies.

Neil Patel Blog

Website: neilpatel.com

Currently, I’m using Happy Themes “Improve” theme on BloggersCloud, and they are running a Lifetime deal for just $49.50 and providing 17+ WordPress Themes. Quite a good deal to grab right?

And to my surprise, they are giving 50% more discount on the deals. That means you get the themes for just $24.50. Check this out:

Happy Themes Discount

Visit Happy Themes   

So, I would recommend to move on to a professional theme and have a proper structure like contact us page, About page, and an appropriate navigation bar which gives a professional feel to your overall website.

Another wonderful theme shop that’s great for beginners is Elegant Themes. You can customize them according to your brand without a single line of coding language.

They too offer a 20% elegant themes coupon so that you can save your hard-earned buck.

3) Copy Content:

This is the dark side of the Blogging world. I have seen people literally copying each and every word from any big website and paste it on their own blog. If you are doing it, I highly recommend stopping this act as if the webmaster by any means find out that you have copied their content can file a DMCA on you.

Instead of copying the content, write what you feel about the topic, share your views with your readers, and be plagiarism free. Because Blogging is an art of writing amazing content and providing value to your readers and not just copy pasting someone else’s work and claiming it to be yours.

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4) Blog Speed and Optimizations:

If your blog takes more than 4 seconds to load than there are more than 95% chances that you’ll lose your reader. What can be the reason?

Your Blog Optimization.

Optimizing your website is equally important as writing fresh content is. But, being a new blogger many of you might not be knowing it. For optimizing your blog’s speed, you can use lightweight scripts and images.

To check your website load time you can head on to GTMetrics or Pingdom, enter your website’s URL and you’ll be provided with a lot of data to look around.

Pingdom Tool

Most importantly, you can use a CDN service like Cloudflare or KeyCDN which will help your blog load in the blink of an eye.

5) Mad for Link Exchange

If you are involved in any community, then you must be knowing what am I talking about. Amateur Bloggers can do anything just to acquire links. They don’t even care where the link is coming from, is the site even getting traffic or is it being penalized. They just want links, end of the story.

In many Facebook groups, people are hunting for link exchanges. In case you don’t know what a link exchange is, it’s exchanging links from your website to some other website and vice versa which is considered bad in the eyes of Google if done heavily.

My recommendation here is, post good content and try to attract natural links and do guest posting, and a little bit of commenting if you are very serious about link building.

6) Ignoring Social Media

If you have heard the theory of 80-20 rule, then you must be knowing what I am going to talk about. Being an amateur blogger, you should spend 20% of your time creating content and 80% of it promoting on social platforms.

What if you have hundreds of blog post written on your website but no audience to read it? Thats when Social Media promotion comes into play.

Social Media Platforms

In the initial days of your blogging, you can create a Facebook page, an Instagram account, a twitter handle, and a Pinterest account to promote your content there for FREE.

Of course, you can also use paid ads to get higher engagement, but that is something beyond the scope of this article. So, I recommend creating your brand on various social platforms for FREE.

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7) Lack of Passion in the Niche

After the development of platforms like WordPress, Wix, and Weebly creating websites has become a 1-hour task. Due to this, there are thousands of new websites registered daily and millions of domains getting expired.

What I exactly mean is don’t start a website which you are not excited about. Before choosing the blog topic which you are going to work on always take care of these three points:


Something you are passionate about Like I’m passionate about Digital Marketing and Blogging, that’s the reason I started BloggersCloud.


See the scope of the market, ask questions like — Are their people who want to learn something in this niche? Are there any gurus already ruling this market. Remember more the competition, the better, because then you know that people are involved in this market/Niche.


Talent is something which you can acquire, even if you don’t have knowledge about the niche you are about to start. Don’t worry you’ll master it soon. But be assured that you have the talent to acquire that skill over time else it would be difficult to sustain.

If you lack any of the above-mentioned points while choosing your niche, then you have a hard time blogging So, always find your sweet spot.

Find your Sweet Spot

8) Using Free Blog Platforms

Amateur Bloggers are always skeptical whether they will work on the website for a long period or not. Due to this they avoid spending money and opt-in for a Free Blog platform.

Let me get this straight if you are treating blogging as your business and not as a hobby never opt in for a free blog platform. The reason behind it is it comes with its own subdomain name.

Free Blog Platforms

Example: If you register a WordPress.org blog you’ll get a www.domain.com, but if you are using any free platforms you’ll get a something like www.domain.freeblogplatform.com. Moreover, free blog platforms are hard to rank on search engines.

It costs only $5 to buy a new domain and $10 for the hosting. Overall you can get a website ready for $15 or 975/- INR to be exact.

9) No idea about SEO

So, many amateur bloggers just steal random topic ideas from a big website and write anything they like. The problem is they have never heard about Keyword Research, optimizations, and SEO.

Dont care about SEO

If you are the one, then stop running and start analyzing. You see what I mean?

Just writing posts which are already written on big websites won’t take your website on the first page of Google but instead, it will require you to do proper keyword research and applying SEO principles on your blog.

10) List Building:

The famous quote: “Money is in the List” still exists and works the best. Ignoring to build an email list for your blog is the worst mistake you can ever make in your blogging journey. I made the same mistake when I started, and almost everyone who starts blogging performs the same mistake.

List Building

But, I know you won’t as you are reading this and I hope you take List Building for your blog seriously.

Wrap Up:

I hope this article on top 10 mistake which amateur bloggers makes helped you understand the core foundation of what needs to be corrected and how to take your blog forward the right way. If you liked the article, don’t forget to share it other of your newbie blogger friends.


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